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FP OL-220

The automatic Letter Opener FP OL-220 is a small, powerful and cost-effective solution worthwhile from 25 letters and more per day. 


  • Slitting technology

  • Envelop thickness: up to 4mm

  • Envelop sizes up to B4

  • Self-adjusting feeding of envelopes

  • Auto start/stop operation

  • Up to 300 letters per minute

  • Weight 4.5kg; 18 x 33 x 23 cm


FP B-400


A quick and easy way to open envelopes of all your incoming mail. No pre-sorting of envelopes sizes is required.


  • Slitting technology

  • Envelop thickness: up to 10mm

  • Envelop sizes up to C4/B4

  • Stacking facility for feeding and collection

  • Auto start/stop operation

  • Up to 400 letters per minute

  • Weight: 6.3kg; 43 x 29 x 15 cm


FP B-400 Brochure

(PDF, 246kB)

FP OL-440


The high performance electronic letter opener FP OL-440 is a profitable solution for already 80 envelopes to be opened per day. The cutting technology, compared to the slitting technology,  provides more reliable opening from the very left to the very right edge, especially when dealing with varying envelope thickness. The variable cutting width adjustment allows exact opening, also for well filled envelopes.

The  FP OL-440 is equipped with three feeding belt and therefore, suitable for bigger envelopes like C4 or B4.


  • Big feeding tray with automatic, self adjusting envelope feed

  • Cutting technology; cutting width 0.8 to 4mm (adjustable)

  • Envelop thickness: up to 10mm

  • Envelop sizes: up to B4

  • Opens up to 420 letters per minute

  • Weight: 14kg; 22 x 85 x 29 cm



Manually insert an envelope into the slit and open it automatically.  


  • Cutting width 2mm

  • Battery (4xAA; not included)

  • Colour: black or white

  • Size:73 x 73 x 40mm 

  • Weight:135g

Letter Opener OP-90


Letter Openers | Cost-effective, quick and easy access to your incoming mail content.
Cost-effective, quick and easy
access to your incoming mail.

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