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 ultimail Series. 





The ultimail series is a modular design which enables you to configure your system according to your individual needs. Choose from three basic models: 


  • ultimail 30/45 (30 or 45 letters/minute) 

  • ultimail 60 (60 letters/minute) 

  • ultimail 90 (90 letters/minute) 


Then select from a variety of options to build the franking system you need. Anything is possible, if you are looking for uncompromising efficiency and ease of operation.

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Its capability to print 2D barcodes makes every letter or small parcel unique. The master-card can be used to activate all ultimail franking machine functions. Optional user-cards authorize the holder to frank only from pre-determined departmental accounts. New advertising images or postage rate tables can be loaded with special chip-cards.


Anything is possible - modular design enables you to configure the machine to suit your needs. 






The extra-large display screen and uniquely simple user interface enables you to easily navigate the various options and registers. A back-lit screen displays complete information about every franking operation – at the touch of a button. From the calculated postage amount, to an accurate image of the selected advertising slogan, to the status of currently available postage: all information is clearly presented and easy to interpret. Leaving nothing to guesswork.


The integrated modem enables you to load new postage at any time, day or night. LAN connction is available using the mailcredit software kit. Never again join the post office queue to load new postage. 


ultimail digital postage meter with postage scale

ultimail 30 - 45

Welcome to a new world of franking from FP! Already the ultimail 30 - 45 digital postal meter is packed with features for flexibility and efficiency:


  • Inkjet printing technology

  • monochrom backlit display with function keys

  • up to 6 text messages programmable

  • up to 9 customized advertising slogans (more can be loaded with chip card)

  • up to 6 different mail clichés

  • 10 cost accounts, 2 access master cards

  • for all mail formats up to 6.6mm thickness

  • Scale - A space-saving integrated  scale precisely weighs every letter, automatically calculates the correct postage and sets the franking machine accordingly.

ultimail digital postage meter with feeder and postage scale

ultimail 60 - 90


ultimail 60 - 90 expands the features of our ultimail 30 - 45 model even further and delivers you the full range of our digital postage system in a still compact and practical package.


  • label dispenser

  • integrated scale up to 5kg (optional)

  • ​automatic letter feeder (optional)

  • semi-automatic letter sealer (optional)

  • second serial interface (ultimail 90)

  • ultimail 60: 10 cost accounts (optional to 50)

  • ultimail 90: 50 cost accounts (optional to 200)

  • differential weighing (optional)

ultimail ink cartridge

Postage Meter Ink

The Inkjet Cartridges for your ultimail digital postage meter come in a set of 2 pieces and deliver up to 17,000 imprints; colour depending on country.



To frank your bulky items we also provide franking labels fitting the ultimail. The adhesive postage labels for come in 1000 pcs per box.

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