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We Process Your Mail So You Don't Need To.

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With FP franking systems your day-to-day tasks are handled faster, simpler, smarter. With our feature rich franking systems, your letters are professionally franked and embossed with your company logo – showing your customers that you have also perfected your mail processing procedures. 

Our award-winning models offer exceptional quality “Made in Germany”. Your business benefits as part of an innovative and reliable partnership. You can trust us because we have accumulated 90 years of experience and we are one of the major international companies involved in automatic franking. We are the market leader in our domestic market in Germany.

Digital Postage Meters


franco, postalica, franking imprint, mailing machine, pitney bowes, neosys documail
PostBase 30
T1000 successor optimail beets E700 B700 pitney bowes, IJ-25 neopost, IS-280 neosys, Hasler smile, Ascom 220, mesin franking


A must-have for start-ups and small offices with less than 200 letters a day, who appreciate a professional mail communication.


PostBase 45
IS-350 neopost neosys IJ-40, IJ-50


For organisations with up to 500 letters a day. It is whisper-quit, can do everything a modern franking machine must do and has the newest digital franking technology.


PostBase 65 & 85
IJ-80, IS-420 neopost neosys


With up to 30 advertising themes, variable text messages and up to 250 integrated cost centres, it's a working horse for more than 500 to up to 10,000 letters a day and suitable for shared offices.



Folding and Inserting




Fast, robust and flexible! With the TF MEGA Series, you can take care of your folding jobs efficiently and reliably up to DIN A3 size and up to 120 letter per minute.

francotyp-postalia, fp, FPi-600, FPi-500 successor, tabletop folder-inserter, DI220, DS-35, letter stuffing machine


This amazingly quiet, compact table-top inserting system offers high performance in a small package and fits into any office.

A great companion for PostBase 30 & 45!


letter stuffing machine, FPi-2300, folder and inserting machine


Designed for the small to moderate quantities of mail, the FPi-2300 series is fast, and extremely simple to use.

francotyp-postalia, fp, tabletop folder-inserter, FPi-2500, FPi-2515, FPi-2520, FPi-2525, DS-65, letter stuffing machine


The FPi-2500 inserting machine processes documents for the C6, C6/5 and C5 letter formats. The powerful folding tool folds up to 5 documents simultaneously.

francotyp-postalia, fp, FPi-4500, FPi-4515, FPi-4520, FPi-4525, DS-75, letter stuffing machine


The FPi-4700 can easily process supplements like replying cards, flyers, or return envelopes. Compact in size and quiet in operation, the FPi-4700 series fits into any busy office environment.

Postage Scales and Preesure Sealer

Postage Scales

Pressure Sealers



The highly functional postal scale is the perfect companion to your postage meter.

The scale is extremely accurate for both letters and small packets and talks directly with the meter.




A user-friendly low-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. The clearly marked fold plates and drop-in feed system provide easy set-up and operation, right out of the box.




A mid-volume solution for user-friendly processing one-piece pressure 

sensitive mailers. Its integrated output conveyor keeps processed forms in a neat, sequential order.

Envelope Printing

Envelope Printers

FP AJ-5000



An entry-level inkjet address printer with the ability to print in brilliant, full-process colour allowing printing of entire postcards, envelopes and documents in a single pass.

FP AJ-300/500

Fixed-head, entry-level inkjet address printers with durable feeding/transport design. It can take materials up to 4.7 mm thickness.

FP AJ-1000

A versatile printer for materials up to 6.4 mm thickness with a printhead able to print recipient address, return address, and permit indicia in a single pass.

FP AJ-2650/2800


A 6/8-head design printing graphics, logos, and barcodes at up to 600 dpi on mail pieces up to 9.5 mm thickness. The multiple printhead configuration allows printing the recipient address, return address, and permit indicia in a single pass. 


Letter Openers

FP OL-200


The FP OL-220 is compact and cost-effective yet powerful Letter Opener. Best suited from 25 letters per day.

FP B-400


A quick and easy way to open all your incoming mail. No pre-sorting of envelope sizes is necessary.

FP OL-440


This high performance electronic letter opener FP OL-440 provides reliable cutting especially when dealing with varying envelope thickness and bigger envelopes like C4 and B4.


Software Solutions

InfoPrint & mailcredit


Harvest cost centre, mailing and system information from an ultimail franking machine into MS Excel or connect it to the FP data centre via Internet.


A variable data design and printing solution that lets you connect to your database, prepare and design your output, and print at high quality and speed.


A document processing solution`in combination with an inserter to add scancodes on documents to manipulate and enhance the mailing content.

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