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There is an​

to send your​

business letters & parcels...

easier, quicker and​ cheaper way

The PostBase postage meter fits every business. Superior technology for a smart nation.
Postbase has stored the latest postage rates from SingPost and the postage weighing scale insures you never overpay or underpay postage.
With PostBase, queuing at signpost is over. 24/7 postage over the Internet.
With a stamping machine from Mail Expertize enjoy SingPost rebates and GST refunds
a franking machine saves time and improves productivity of your office.

24/7 postage

over the Internet

Enjoy SingPost rebates and GST refund

Save time and improve productivity

Full cost control over multiple accounts

PostBase can handle multiple accounts to control how much accounts spend of postage.

Never overpay or underpay for postage

The New PostBase.

Discover the latest innovation in digital franking machines.


Whether at a start-up, in an enterprise mailroom or shared office, these postage meters Made-in-Germany boost your mailing productivity, reduce postal expenses and give every envelope and parcel a professional finish. - Smart. Simple. Powerful.



PostBase provide the most complete, advanced and cost effective mailing experience to all customers across the industries in Singapore

With it's low cost per imprint, the PostBase franking machine has never been so affordable. Adding an automatic feeder allows you to fully automate the way you process your mail.​


Low cost per impression

The PostBase is completely expandable meeting the needs of your business. With WiFi, accounts upgrades, speed and colour options this digital franking machine is fully connected and upgradable allowing you to configure your perfect PostBase.


So many options
For every mailing volume



Please select how many mailing pieces you have per month.

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