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What is a Fee Stamper - Are you aware of E-Stamping?

In some countries, state goverments collect some type of taxes by imposing duties and fees on transactions such as agreements, certificates and other legal instruments.

In India, for instance, stamp duties were first introduced by the British in the Indian Stamp Act of 1899 and vary by type of transaction and state like in the case of the Property Stamp Duty and Registration Charges.[1] Stamp Duty Calculators e.g. for Property or Court Fees can be found on the Internet (also here). These stamps can either be impressed by several means, such as by the use of a franking machine, or adhesive stamps, similar to postage stamps. Authorised agents are acting as intermediary between the stamp duty payer and the relevant government departments.

Since tax colaction is the crutial income stream to any government, froud protection is vital. In the past, India had experienced fake stamp papers which caused huge revenue loss to the government of India. To prevent such kind of scams, India government is promoting E-Stamping for both judicial and non–judicial. More about E-Stamping in India can be found here.

The optimail™ Fee Stamper from Francotyp-Postalia, often just called “Tax Meter”, provides an convinient and most reliable E-Stamping solution by enabling duty stamp vendors to frank the equivalent amount of duty stamp directly on the document such as affidavit, insurance stamps, court fees, share transfer stamps etc and the like. Each impression is uniquely identified by a security code which can be used to authenticate the stamp impression. Moreover, the Tax Meter maintains the accounting information which can be printed out or uploaded for audit trail. The optimail™ Fee Stamper relies on its very durable thermotransfer printing mechanism, which not only provides sharp-edged, smudge–free, clean and evidential stamp on the actual document itself but the used-up cartridges provide a means of extra evidence, which can be stored for decades without any data loss.

For more information please contact us.

[1] also see “Tamil Nadu goes for its own stamp duty”, The Hindu, May 8, 2013.

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