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Take The Pressure Off Your Office Mailing.

Take The Pressure Off Your Office Mailing with A Pressure Sealer.

Are you trying to find ways to be more productive at your office? Then go and analyse your mail handling process a little closer. You may find that you are sending out single-page letters in majority such as

  • bills and invoices,

  • grade reports,

  • PIN mailers or

  • payrolls / payslips.

If that is the case, a pressure sealer could boost your productivity! Pressure sealing is a cost-effective, efficient and environmental friendly technology that will crush your processing time and streamline your mailing process.

So how does a pressure sealer work? Basically, your letters are printed on pressure sealing forms that have cohesive glue applied on their edges. The pressure sealer folds those letters and applies pressure to the edges, which makes the glue securely bond together forming the mail piece. The pressure sealer can carry out the most common types of folding such as c-fold, z-fold or half-fold. No envelope will be needed and so your envelope-stuffing step is also eliminated from the process. The mail pieces are ready to be fed directly into your franking machine.

Pressure Sealing Process

Pressure Sealing Process using z-Fold.

While preparing hundred letters manually can take you one to two hours to complete, your pressure sealer can get it all done in a couple of minutes. You will have to spend a little extra for the sealing forms but save back on the cost for envelopes. Adding to that the equipment investment will be gentle as an entry-model pressure sealer will come on about half the price of a tabletop folding and inserting machine.

We offer a range of high-quality, cost-competitive pressure sealers with a throughput of up to 5200 letters per hour, suitable for the needs of small- and medium businesses. For more information and a free demo call us at +65-67490601 or contact one of our regional offices.

✆ +65 6749 0601 

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