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Why Using a Letter Folding Machine?

Folding hundred of brochures, sales letters, invoices, or marketing material by hand is not only very tedious and time consuming but uneven folding can transport a sloppy and unprofessional image of your business, not to mention the painful paper cuts you might carry home from it once the job is done.

Beside of this folding job itself, inserter machines can help you stuffing the letters into envelopes and seal them in one go. But if you have such work load only occasionally, you might find this investment not justifiable. Instead, have you ever thought of investing in a letter folding machine which will cost you a fraction of it? And even if you are not a heavy mailer but an architect, in engineering business dealing with drawings or running a high-mix-low-volume print shop, a folding machine might come in very handy. Read on to learn how.

How To Get The Right Model For Your Needs?

Letter folders are simple to use, easy to operate, have a small footprint and can save you a lot of time and money. They fold well over hundred letters per minute. But with a large variety of folding machines to choose from, it is important that you take a few things into consideration:

To start with, you can choose between manual and automatic folding machines of different technologies on the market (such as air-feeding and friction-feeding). An automatic paper folding machine is of course more convenient than the manual version. On a press of a button, the folding task takes place fully automated and therefore you do not have to supervise it full-time freeing you up for other jobs.

Next, you need to decide how many sheets are to be folded on daily average and whether you have specific requirements regarding its thickness, size, and type of paper. Most paper folders are capable of handling standard copy paper whereas some can also handle e.g. A3 drawings. If you plan to handle glossy paper, you might consider air-feeding technology as you might encounter paper-jams more-often when using friction-feeders.

Friction-fed folding machines, also called single-sheet folders, have rollers which pull the paper into the unit, one sheet at a time, on high speed. This type of folding machine is most capable of handling a wide variety of bulk folding projects very easily and efficiently and are known as great time savers on staff. These machines have become very popular with businesses that require a lot of folding of statements, invoices, brochures, and customer letters. They are not only gentle to your budget when buying them but are generally pretty maintenance free, beside of a few low cost wearable items such as the front rollers.

Different paper folding machines can do different types of folding. The most common folds include Double-Parallel, Single-Fold (Half-Fold), Letter-Fold (Tri-Fold), and Z-Fold. Be sure to read the description of the paper folder you want to buy carefully to determine its capabilities.

Last but not least, an important feature to consider is the folding speed. Some office folders are capable of folding 7,000 sheets per hour and more. These are estimates and depend on a variety of factors. Do not get carried away by the maximum speed without checking the capacity of the hopper tray, as it needs to be refilled periodically to keep the machine running. Otherwise, an auto-off function will stop the folder once the hopper is empty. A built-in counter unit will help you keep on top of your folding job.

Folding Machine - An Affordable Working Horse

If you happened to believe that a full-fledged Inserting Machine would be pretty nice for your office but not justifiable in terms of work load and budget, a folding machine might deliver you the right bang for the buck. By focusing on the folding task and investing in a letter folding machine, you will soon realise the benefits as having one will surely give you a lot of advantages. Such as

  • Sharply increase your productivity

  • Save a considerable amount of time

  • Reduce physical stress and mental fatigue

  • Increase the types of folds most suitable for your project

  • Save money by increasing output and decreasing manpower

  • Give every single letters a professional touch

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