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How To Use A Franking Machine

Using a franking machine in your company will have the advantage of reducing your postage costs and makes your outgoing mail process more efficient. Your office staff does not need to queue up at the post office to buy stamps in different denominations nor frank all the mail pieces manually. You will also enjoy peace-of-mind as you will never overpay or underpay postage with the built-in postage rate table in your franking machine and your accounting has full oversight of the mailing expenses.

Purchasing and operating a franking machine in Singapore is easy and convenient. Once you have decided to buy a franking machine and obtained a holding permit from SingPost, the first step is to get the machine installed correctly. All will be taken care of by your franking machine supplier as part of the service. Now you are ready to start using the machine and enjoy its convenience. Let’s dive in on how to use your franking machine:

The ABC Of Using A Franking Machine

If you never used a postage meter before, don’t fret. Each brand of franking machine will vary in the way it operates but the general process is very simple, indeed. We have broken it down into 5 simple steps based on our digital franking machine from FP, the PostBase.

1. Setting Up The Machine

Activate the digital franking machine

  • Once switched on, the franking machine is usually left in an energy saving standby mode. Activate it by pressing the button.

  • Next, select the right user and enter your PIN.

  • Select the cost account you wish to charge from the menu.

  • If there is not enough credit available, you need to load postage on the machine: Head to the Download Postage function in the menu and accept the amount to top up.

Note: The franking machine will connect to the data centre via the Internet and call the desired amount. Billing occurs according to your contract with the postal service. Your franking machine supplier will provide you with all the necessary information.

  • Your service provider will inform you about any postage rate changes which you can then download onto your machine to be up-to-date.

  • If there is an Ink Low warning displayed on your machine, replace the ink cartridges.

Note: Make sure you only use genuine replacements, as they are designed and certified for the use of franking machines. Non-genuine consumables often do not work at all or may result in a void imprint (your loss!) and may void your warranty or maintenance contract coverage.

2. Determine The Postage

Weigh the mail piece on the postage scale to determine the correct postage rate

  • Unless you are sending a standard letter of which you know the postage rate already, place the letter or parcel on the integrated weighing scale and let it rest there.

  • A beep signal indicates that your mailing machine has determined the weight. Based on it and other selections such as size, destination etc., the machine sets the postage value accordingly.

3. Insert The Letters

Insert letters into the digital franking machine using the feeder

  • Position the letters on the letter feeder tray so that they touch the top edge of the guide surface.

Note: Mail machines come in different configurations for hand or auto-feeding the letters, which may also include a letter sealing function. For simplicity, we will assume hand-feeding here.

  • Slightly push the letters individually into the machine until the postage meter activates. It takes up the letter, prints the postage stamp and discharges it to the right onto the letter tray. Keep feeding in the next letter while the machine is running.

  • For bulky letters and parcels, you can print adhesive labels and stick them on the mail pieces. Press the Label button and press Start to activate the label print.

Note: What we mentioned earlier about ink cartridges, the same is true for adhesive labels. Always use genuine supply to prevent unpleasant surprises! The properties of the original consumables are tailored to the needs of your franking machine to prevent a void imprint or damaging the mechanics.

Note: You may wish to print your logo and an advertising message along with the franking imprint, which you can select once the postage value was selected.

4. Post Your Franked Postal Items

bundle up mail pieces to post them at SingPost

  • Bundle up your franked mail pieces or put larger volumes in a mailbag, provided by your franking machine supplier, for carriage.

  • Franked mail can be posted in a franked mail posting box located at all post offices by the day it was franked.

5. Take Account And Redeem GST (monthly)

  • Head to your postage meter and print out an account report and inform your accounting who can claim back GST if your company is GST-registered.

Please note that SingPost has strict rules and requirements around franked mail which you need to follow. Please always refer to Singapore Post’s Franking Service Terms & Conditions. Also, consult the user manual of your franking machine for further details on how to operate the machine. For self-help you can visit our Support & Supplies section or contact us directly. Our service staff is happy to help you!

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